Get focused on your strengths and discover the range of 'natural career paths' that fit you best. Take advantage of the same advanced psychometric assessment technology used by thousands of corporations worldwide with a practical tool built in industry, not academia. Career Sherpa™ is the online assessment that helps students applying to university/college, grads seeking their first job and just about anyone faced with a career transition.
Who is the Sherpa?

The product of 30+ years of proven talent profiling in literally hundreds of industries at every organizational level, the Sherpa extends the same advanced technology to everyone.

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Applying to College or University?

Go beyond your guidance counsellor and identify combinations of career paths and educational programs & schools to make the best choice possible.

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Getting Ready to Graduate?

Help focus your job search by scientifically identifying the "natural career path" that best fits with the program you are completing.

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Re-starting Your Career?

Returning from maternity leave? Displaced by a restructuring? Discover a range of career options that you might not have considered.

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Way beyond a standard aptitude or IQ test - discover a detailed & highly practical career path and education planner
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