Two Great Options...
Electronic Online Access Code
  • Unique access code via email to take your profile online - use now or use later
  • Unlimited access to Online Interactive Profile ongoing
Gift Card - A Unique Alternative
  • Gift card with an attractive backer just like in retail stores - perfect for giving
  • Card Includes Unique Access Code
  • Unlimited access to Online Interactive Profile ongoing

“ Dig the well before you are thirsty. ”

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CCHow to Purchase

Click above to PURCHASE ELECTRONIC ACCESS CODE or to PURCHASE A GIFT CARD. You will be directed to our e-commerce portal where you can securely enter your payment details (we accept Visa or Mastercard). If you are purchasing an electronic product, you will be emailed your access code along with your receipt immediately following the transaction. If you are purchasing a Gift Card, you will recieve an email receipt immediately following the transaction and your Gift Card will ship out on the following business day, complete your personal access code. Access Codes (Electronic or Gift Card) can be used at anytime to activate and begin an online assessment.

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and include GST but exclude shipping charges (applicable only to Gift Cards). Gift Cards ship by Fedex, please allow 2-3 business days for delivery within Canada. Deliveries within Canada are charged at $3 CAD. U.S. and International shipping is available - specific rates and leadtimes apply. Final charges are shown to you during the check out process. Prices, accepted payment types, courier and transaction providers subject to change without notice.

All online transactions are secured using the latest technologies by our provider MiraPay™


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