Normative Profiles are Different.
The Sherpa is NOT another aptitude test

Aptitude and other cognitive and intelligence tests measure intellect which only predicts how well one might do in an educational setting. The trouble is that these outcomes do not provide any insight into what natural career paths you should pursue in the real world.

The Sherpa is different.

An exercise in "normative psychometric profiling", Career Sherpa™ assesses and accurately predicts success based on "real-world" experience and results. Over 30 years in development, the Sherpa has profiled millions of people worldwide, cataloging the various personality and ability factors linked to success in specific careers, industries and sectors.

“He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever.”

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Normative Profiling - How It Works

The Sherpa psychometric assessment is based on the following factor model:


Career Sherpa™ is an advanced psychometric assessment that compares your unique talents, habits and personality to career profiles across a massive range of industries and sectors. The focus is on assessing fit with career paths and not with specific jobs - a key difference vs. other types of assessments. The end result is much, much deeper than just a shortlist of potential jobs. Using sophisticated analytics, Sherpa measures the "closeness" of your fit to thousands of potential career paths and importantly explains why your unique traits fit some more closely. When you first see your assessment, you'll be amazed at the range of prospects and will likely see several that had never occurred to you before!

Sherpa is highly practical in that it focuses on what you can do, NOT on what you can't. With plenty of detail, you'll see new possibilities for focusing on your strengths to drive success while gaining insight into opportunities for self-improvement.

But there's even MORE. The online assessment allows you to drill into any career path of interest and view all of the possible post-secondary programs needed to follow that path. Further, you can also view which Colleges and Universities offer these programs across Canada. Everything you need is there so you can spend your time and effort pursuing something that you're likely to be very successful at.

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