Go Beyond Your Guidance Counsellor

Are the tools you receive at school to help guide your career planning detailed enough? Do they make sense? Do they inspire you? Are you excited about the the possibilities?

The Sherpa is "wired" differently than your Guidance Counsellor. Here's How …
  • Highly-detailed, completely personalized analysis
  • Focus is on career paths vs. specific jobs
  • Compares you to profiles of successful people in real careers - not just an I.Q. or aptitude test
  • Fit assessment fully explains how your strenghts and weaknesses come into play in a given career
  • Factors in your personality make-up not just your skills and intelligence

“ See the wind, turn the rudder. ”

a word from the Sherpa
Comparing Career Sherpa to Other Tools

  High School Guidance Aptitude & Other Tests Private Career Consultants Career Sherpa
Level of psychographic testing detail Low High High
Testing for Intelligence (IQ) CB CB CB
Testing for Cognitive CB CB CB
Testing for Street Smarts (EQ)   CB CB
Personality     CB
Predictive for academnic performance CB CB  
Validated predictive for the "real world"     CB
Time Required to Complete Questionnaire 30-60 min. 4-6 hours. 45-60 min.
Available on Demand on the Web     CB
Tests used in Industry for Talent Management   CB CB
Shortlist of career recommendations CB CB CB
Identification of your best strengths   CB CB
Profile of your degree of "fit" across all Job Categories/Career Paths including white/blue/grey collar + public/private sector     CB
Summary + detail about why certain job categories fit you better     CB
Interactive tool for drilling down into career and education options     CB
List of Specific Colleges and Universities that offer programs for a specific career     CB
Unlimited access to online test result     CB
24-7 Availability on the Web     CB
Detailed explanation of your personalized results and how to apply them   CB CB
Tools for creating an action plan from your results     CB
Coaches guide for parents     CB
COSTS Free - $20 $500 - $1,500+ $30

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