Is Your Child's Future Worth Investing $95?

A post secondary education is expensive. Just about any degree or diploma program can cost from $20,000 to upwards of $50,000. Think of the time we all spend researching major purchases - homes, cars, electronics, etc.. Your child's education deserves the same high level of diligence to ensure the best possible decision.

For just $95, Career Sherpa™ offers the same kind of deep experience as a private career consultant (which can cost upwards of $1,500). Going beyond the standard tools available through high school guidance departments - the Sherpa analyzes your child's profile against what it takes to be successful in the real world based on 30+ years of actual psychometric results from industry.

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“ To know the road ahead, ask those coming back. ”

a word from the Sherpa
Cost of a Typical Education

Typical 4 Year Undergraduate Arts Degree
TOTAL $52,000

Typical research includes...

  • A couple dinner time chats with parents
  • Read McClean's® magazine rankings
  • Talk and text with friends to see what they're doing
  • Guidance Counsellor aptitude test
  • Attend presentation
  • Maybe a campus visit
  • Hours spent ... ????

Some Comparables to Think About

Purchase a new car to use for 4 years
TOTAL $64,000

Typical research includes...

  • Online Reviews
  • Read Magazines
  • Test Drives
  • Meetings With Bank
  • Sales Negotiations
  • Hours Spent - 60

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